Andy Cho

Drum Beets

2024 — Vision Pro app

Playing drums in a Vision Pro with chopsticks using RealityKit


2024 — iOS app

Cloning Duolingo Max for having a conversation in different languages and getting feedback using ChatGPT, SwiftUI, and SwiftData

Artist Unknown

2024 — Vision Pro app

Making 3D marble sculptures in a Vision Pro using SDXL and TripoSR

Solo Leveling

2024 — Vision Pro app

Solo Leveling in a Vision Pro, tracking squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and running using RealityKit


2024 — Vision Pro app

Playing Quidditch on the Vision Pro using RealityKit


2024 — Image generation

A Python script to generate raccoon shitposts with SDXL-Lightning and Gemma

Silica Valley

2024 — Vision Pro app

Pottery throwing references with a Vision Pro using RealityKit and Blender

Multiverse Portals

2024 — iOS app

Opening portals to the multiverse using ARKit and Stable Diffusion

Empathy Synthesizer for the Vision Pro

2024 — Vision Pro app

Fallout-style dialogs IRL using RealityKit and ChatGPT, rewritten for the Vision Pro


2023 — Music generation

Generating music from whistling using MusicGen in Python

Empathy Synthesizer

2023 — iOS app

Fallout-style dialogs IRL using ChatGPT, speech-to-text, and Personal Voice in Swift


2023 — Mixed Reality project

Hogwarts at home in Mixed Reality with the Meta Quest Pro using Unity in C#

IG Dreambooth

2022 — Image generation

Automating away my Instagram drawings using Stable Diffusion and DreamBooth using Python


Oct 2022 - Current

Software Engineer

OS Software Engineer, Data & ML Innovation


2022 — iOS app

A theremin-inspired iOS app using the Vision framework to play music with your hands

Mind Palace

2022 — iOS app

An iOS app using ARKit and RealityKit to add text to various surfaces in your home

Drum Head

2022 — SparkAR effect

An AR effect that allows you to play the drums in Instagram using SparkAR


2018 - 2023 — Calligraphy

Putting handdrawn sticky notes around University of Waterloo and random places around the city



Apr-Dec 2019

Lasercut wooden cards for documenting millennial life, using Procreate and Inkscape


Sep 2018 - Sep 2022

Software Engineer

Worked in Remote Presence on Messenger and Instagram on Watch Together and Lightspeed. Formerly Youth.


2018 — Calligraphy

Calligraphy project to letter each song from Lorde’s Melodrama


Sep - Dec 2017

Software Engineer Intern

Collaborated across multiple product and cross-functional teams to develop subscription management in Marketplace using React Native, GraphQL, Hack, React, and Relay


2017 — iPad app

An iOS app that tells you how to pronounce things around you in another language using CoreML, Vision framework, and Google Translate API


2017 — iPad app

3D augmented reality emoji drawing iPad app with ARKit and the Apple Pencil


Jan - Apr 2017

Software Engineer Intern

Implemented and shipped a new video player with H.264 streaming for the Windows Phone app in C#, XAML, and Silverlight


2017 — Chat bot

A chatbot created with Electron and lunr that uses your Facebook chatting history and learns from your responses so that you can talk to yourself


May - Aug 2016

Software Engineer Intern

Planned and implemented a study groups feature that lets users check each other’s progress on a course on the iOS app using VIPER architecture with Swift


2016 — Dogescript

BF interpreter written in Dogescript

The League

Sep - Dec 2015

Software Engineer Co-op

Implemented, performance tested, and optimized the potential match generation algorithm using Elasticsearch, Postgres, Node.js, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS SQS, and Travis CI


2015–2016 — iPad app

An open-source receptionist iPad app powered by Smooch and written in Swift. Won the People’s Choice Award at Radialpoint’s hackathon, Staff Pick on DevPost, featured on Product Hunt

Eggs Break Fast

2016 — iPhone game

iOS game written in Swift using SpriteKit for the gameplay and GameKit for the Game Center integration


2015 — iPhone app

iOS app written in Swift using Quizlet’s RESTful API with Alamofire and storing question sets with Core Data


Jan - Apr 2015

Software Developer Intern

Worked on the web interface with Backbone.js and Bootstrap message scheduling with Kue, Node.js, and MongoDB


2014 — Unity game

Local multiplayer game testing written in Unity with C#. Basketball game played with eggs on a trampoline. Made for the 2014 Fall GI Jam


2014 — Flask web app

Web app written in Python with Flask and jQuery. Takes whistling audio with Recorder.js and outputs a PDF with LilyPond or a MusicXML file


2014 — Flask game

Trivia game written in Python with Flask and jQuery. Receives answers from Kik with WebHooks and updates in real time with WebSockets. Uses BeautifulSoup to scrape profile pictures and MongoDB to store questions. Created for Kik’s 2014 hackathon.


May - August 2014

Software Developer in Test

Automated manual test suites for iOS and Android to increase the efficiency of the QA team with Ruby and Appium

Math Magician

2011 — iPhone app

iOS app written in Objective-C that solves math problems. Created as a CS project in Grade 10.

Hyper Halo

2010 — Visual Basic program

Windows program written witg Visual Basic that modded Halo Trial. Created as a CS project in Grade 9.

Other projects