Andy Cho

I make things


2017 — Chat bot

A chatbot created with Electron and lunr that uses your Facebook chatting history and learns from your responses so that you can talk to yourself


2015–2016 — iPad app

An open-source receptionist iPad app powered by Smooch and written in Swift. Won the People’s Choice Award at Radialpoint’s hackathon, Staff Pick on DevPost, featured on Product Hunt


2016 — Dogescript

BF interpreter written in Dogescript


2015 — iPhone app

iOS app written in Swift using Quizlet’s RESTful API with Alamofire and storing question sets with Core Data

Eggs Break Fast

2016 — iPhone game

iOS game written in Swift using SpriteKit for the gameplay and GameKit for the Game Center integration


2014 — Unity game

Local multiplayer game testing written in Unity with C#. Basketball game played with eggs on a trampoline. Made for the 2014 Fall GI Jam


2014 — Flask web app

Web app written in Python with Flask and jQuery. Takes whistling audio with Recorder.js and outputs a PDF with LilyPond or a MusicXML file


2014 — Flask game

Trivia game written in Python with Flask and jQuery. Receives answers from Kik with WebHooks and updates in real time with WebSockets. Uses BeautifulSoup to scrape profile pictures and MongoDB to store questions. Created for Kik’s 2014 hackathon.

Math Magician

2011 — iPhone app

iOS app written in Objective-C that solves math problems. Created as a CS project in Grade 10.


2010 — Visual Basic program

Windows program created in Visual Basic for modifying Halo

Other projects